New Year's Eve Fireworks

As we mentioned in a recent post, Anji and I really loved experiencing the Christmas season this year in Hannover, Germany. The holiday season in Washington, DC is always nice, but varying things up and trying something new is always appealing to veteran travelers like us. One thing we particularly liked was attending and taking pictures of the famous German Christmas markets. For Anji, wandering through the stalls, savoring the delicious smells and sipping on hot Glühwein gave her the chance to relive the holiday celebrations of her teenage years. For me, it was an opportunity to experience a familiar time of year done in a fun and unique way. And as nature and travel photographers, we both loved how the lights and colors made for some really fantastic images.

Rainbow Of Colors Lighting The Sky

An Explosion Of Reds And Yellows

Winter in Hannover has been unfortunately gray and drizzly so far this year, so we were quite glad that we only had to wait a week before the next big celebration. As in the U.S., New Year’s Eve (or Silvester) in Germany is a big event, and we were excited to bust out our Nikons and take some more photos.

Hannover Celebrating New Year's Eve With Fireworks

Together with our friends who live in the same building, we organized a house party to which we invited many of the folks whom we now know. We had a blast, but the highlight of the night (at least for us as photographers) was the firework show that people all across the city put on after the stroke of midnight. Actually, we heard the odd crack and bang throughout the afternoon and evening, but the main event was certainly what came as December 31 became January 1. After kissing each other in celebration, we went out onto our balcony and saw fireworks lighting up the night sky in all directions.

Fireworks In Altwarmbüchen

Fireworks On New Year's Eve In Altwarmbüchen

Naturally, we got out our cameras and our tripod and started taking some long exposure shots. We always love how fireworks become long streaks of laser-like light when captured that way on film. The images got even better when our friends went down to the street and lit off their own rockets and sparklers. With streaks of light in the foreground and background, our photos got some really nice depth and a sense of perspective.

Laser Streaks Like Fireworks

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