Blue Waters of Altwarmbüchener Lake

Aerial View of the Altwarmbüchener See, Germany

Ever since we bought a DJI Mavic Pro drone at the end of 2016, we have been in love with drone photography! The ability to see the world from above has allowed us to take our wedding and nature photos in bold new directions. When photographing landscapes in particular, our drone now gives us new angles and unique takes on scenes that have already been photographed a million times in every possible way. We’ve had so much fun and success with taking drone pictures that we can hardly keep from putting it up in the air every time we visit a new place. Even our occasional blunders while learning to pilot it properly have at least afforded us the opportunity to amuse and entertain our friends with stories of getting the drone stuck in a tree!

None of this was a huge surprise, of course. When we got the Mavic Pro, we knew it would would give us a different look at the natural world, but what we didn’t realize was that we would see things that we never knew were even there! When we captured this image, for example, our original idea was to photograph a sunrise by the Altwarmbüchener See (Lake) just outside of Hannover, Germany. We thought that by taking the drone high above the lake, we would get a fuller view of the water as the sunlight illuminated it. And we did.

But the best shot of the day was not of the sunrise. On the way back to the shore, we decided to point the drone’s camera straight down to see what the lake’s surface looked like from above. We were quite surprised to see how much algae and other plant life had accumulated on top of the water, because we had never noticed them when viewing the lake from ground level. These “imperfections” combined with the deep, almost oceanic blue of the water to make the resulting photo look like a shot of Earth taken from space. Of course, that made us wonder what we could do if we could get our drone that high!

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