Verdant Moss Growing On A Tree Trunk

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Two weeks ago, I had a chance to explore Hannover a bit more and search for some interesting and new nature images in places I hadn’t been to since we moved here. Anji traveled back to the U.S. to attend The Wedding School’s In-Person Business and Marketing Intensive Workshop, a first-rate wedding photography seminar hosted by Susan Stripling, which left me with lots of time on my hands back here in Germany. So I made the most of my newfound free time, packed up my Nikon D750 and began looking for cool things to photograph.

My first nature photography stop was the famous Eilenriede, a huge park located not far from the city center. At 1600 acres, it is nearly twice as big as New York’s Central Park and one of the biggest urban forest spaces in Europe. Though we have gone walking through it during previous visits to Hannover, I had yet to explore it during our current stay. More importantly, I had never gone to it with my camera gear, so I was very excited to have a look at it from a more photographic point of view!

Reflection Of Trees In A Forest Pool

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Once I got into the park, I made my way over to the Eilenriede Lawn Labyrinth, an elaborate pattern on the forest floor made by shaping the grass, stones and dirt path into a visually pleasing arrangement. After taking a few pictures of this (and vowing to come back later with some different equipment!), I started wandering back towards my car. Instead of going straight back, however, I decided to get off the main path and start traipsing through the woods. Despite the cold rain falling down on me (an unfortunate part of life in Hannover in the winter!), I’m glad that I did. Going back through the woods, I encountered some really vibrant green mosses on the stumps and branches near the ground, thick ropy vines climbing up the trunks of the trees and some really cool pools of water that reflected the surrounding colors beautifully.

Furry Vines Climbing Up A Tree

Untitled photo

Because the Eileriede is so large, I barely even scratched its surface during the half-hour or so I spent poking around. So I’m definitely going to have to go back for another walkabout!

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