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Greetings and welcome to the PWP Nature Photography blog! Our goal is to use this forum to share with you the beauty of the natural world that we have been able to capture on film. Though our main focus as photographers is weddings and engagements on the East Coast of the United States and Germany, nature photography has always been our first love (so to speak). When we first got into photography about a half-decade ago, we got started and developed our camera skills by going out and taking pictures of what we saw around us. In those early years, the idea was to let our passion for the fiery colors of a winter sunrise, the ghostliness of a pine tree in the morning fog or the fragility of a dewdrop hanging from a flower petal compensate for our relative lack of experience and skill.

Our ability to do Mother Nature a modicum of justice with our pictures has improved considerably since then, and our love of travel has allowed us to roam farther from our homes in Washington, DC and Hannover, Germany to capture a broader range of what the natural world has to offer. We’ve photographed volcanic lava flowing into the sea in Hawai’i, yellow aspens amid dark green pine trees on mountainsides in the autumn in Utah, burnt-orange mushrooms deep in a forest in Northern Germany and the sky turning purple and pink as the sun rises over the ocean off the coast of the Dominican Republic.

We plan to post our work as regularly as we can, so we invite you to check back in with us as often as you’re able. If you like any particular pictures and would like to use them to decorate your home or office, please click on the “Print Shop” link above. You’ll find there a variety of different sizes and options that suit pretty much any room that you’d like to spice up. Best of all, we even offer you the ability to see how any print would look hanging on the wall. Just send us a picture of the room you'd like to decorate, and we will send you a digital image of it with any of our images mounted in a variety of patterns.

Thank you and enjoy!

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